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About Me

Welcome! I’m Kelly Prudhomme, Parent and Life Coach and owner of Balanced Parenting.

I am a mom to 2 teen age children, which means I have gone and am going through the same struggles you are…sibling rivalry, meltdowns, jealousy, anger, aggression, school challenges, friend drama, power struggles, juggling everyday life (and more!).


With all these daily struggles, my goal is to balance my own struggles, keep myself calm, and keep my relationship with my children, family and friends strong. The balancing struggle is real, even for myself who teaches positive parenting and a positive life.

My parenting and life outlook is impacted by the work of others who encourage the use of gentle, positive, and respectful parenting and life strategies. My goal is to treat children and people with kindness and respect, try connecting with others on an emotional level, while balancing my own emotions and stresses. In hopes of having better problem solving skills, higher emotional intelligence, fewer meltdowns and a more well-balanced happy home.

My personal point of view is also influenced by my 15 years of working with infants to 12 years of age running my own in home daycare. Along with working in a daycare facility and nannying for the past 4 years. During these many years I have worked with some awesome families, many individuals and helped them all achieve a well balanced happier life. 


I closed my daycare doors to focus exclusively on parent and life coaching. Thanks to webcams and smartphones, I have the privilege to work with hundreds of individuals and families around the world.

There is no perfect person and no one is expecting that here. If you are willing to look into your life, parenting, find support, try something new, and balance your life this is the place for you. 


Hope to hear from you!”

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