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The Balanced Program

The Balanced Program 8 Sessions is designed to help you become the parent and/or person you want to be and balance out your life.

  • Our 8 Week program, 1 hour 1:1, 24/7 email/FaceBook support, FaceBook group, mid-week check in's, and “homework” every work.

  • Appointments are via Skype/Zoom/FaceBook/Phone

  • Appointments are typically once a week. This gives you time to use what we have discussed.If you feel you need more or less frequent appointments that can be discussed.

  • Appointments may include spouses, significant others, parents going through separation/divorce, stepparents, grandparents, nannies, caregivers, teachers, and counselors.

How The Balanced Program Works

The Balanced Program 6 Sessions is designed to help you become the parent and/or person you want to be and balance out your life. 


The outline is:

  • Understanding the current situation 

  • Determining how you would like your family/life to run 

  • Identifying what is working and what is not working 

  • Setting goals and laying out ways to balance out those goals 

  • Taking action to meet those goals 

  • Monitoring your progress 

I am here to walk you through each step. By the end of each meeting there will be a well balanced map to follow. Sessions are scheduled once a week ( or every two weeks).  I want you to feel in control and go at your own pace. 


I will email you a brief summary of what we spoke about in our session, along with what actions you will be taking to balance out your family/life until the next session.  I will also email you twice a week with questions to see how you feel your progress is going. 

Getting Started in The Balanced Program

First, schedule a complimentary 30 minutes session. During this session we will explore your needs and possibility of working together. This session is not to coach you, it is to see if this is the right program for you. Then we will schedule your first session and get you started. 

Total Price: $0

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